Suffer Through

by Distances

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Anthony lupacchino
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Anthony lupacchino my boys. XXX BANG YOUR HEAD
Mike Widel
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Mike Widel Distances has been a band that I have been following for a while now, and I am so glad that I have had the opportunity to discover them, because all of their material is mind-blowingly awesome. "Searching" is such a hard-hitting track, and seriously defines what direction they have been searching for, and they hit the nail on the head, with each hammering track. Don't sleep on these guys. Favorite track: Searching.
Jake Lusk
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Jake Lusk Absolutely amazing record. Definitely one of my favorites. Favorite track: Gravemind.
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released November 8, 2013

Distances is:
Connor Bowen: Bass/Vocals
Matt Full: Drums
Adam Meadors: Vocals
Sam Romesburg: Guitar/Vocals

All songs written and performed by Distances.

Recorded by Levi Miller

Mixed and mastered by Jason Maas at Getaway Recording Studios

Album artwork by Patt Hickey Anthony Lupacchino



all rights reserved


Distances Frederick, Maryland

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Track Name: Guilt
I'm dead in your eyes no matter what I fucking say or do
A Decisions weight a ball and chain
But I'll always suffer through
I'll always suffer through
What happened to your heart
You left us with such few words spoken
While I was here with my arms left wide open
Now we stand miles apart
We will always stand
Miles apart
Track Name: Searching
The faint light on the horizon tells me this is just the beginning
of another day that I can't escape.
Caught up, too deep, feeling empty.
I can say I lost myself this time but I never thought I'd cross that line.
You were there in open view and I bought into all the things that you do.
But I've turned the page, I know I can't live this way.
The match is lit I wont waste my time and there I stood as you stayed
Won't fill my life with hate, dwelling on my past mistakes.
Everyday when that sun sets I want to say I tried my best.
I never want to be...
Want to be left searching.
Like your searching.
You're just searching for a name.
You're just searching for a name.
Playing your stupid fucking games.
Searching for something that's not yours
You're a disease with out a cure.
Track Name: The Bottom
I've bottomed out but maybe this is just where I belong.
I've tried so many times to free my mind
from the events of the past to the pride that I lack.
I know I'm here for a reason.
When you left you broke the trust that we held.
When you left you took the security that I felt.
This is why I am here,
to let go and to walk with out fear.
Like a knife right through my heart.
We were torn apart.
But I should've fucking seen this coming.
I should have know I'd be left wanting
something more when what I had was enough.
Struggling with all my might at the thought of losing this fight.
I'm losing control.
I've lost control...
and this is why I am here.
Lately I've been thinking of this sinking feeling
and how it gets to me.
But I'd rather rot down here forever striving.
Because here my life finally has meaning.
So I'll stay down here as long as it takes
I've bottomed out but I'll make my way.
And even though the future seems so clear
It may be years and I will still be here.
But here at the bottom I can finally say goodbye to this side of me
I'll die here looking up, I'll die here with my head looking up.
Track Name: Gravemind
I've been haunted these days
by a ghost with blue eyes.
Haunted by that song you used to sing to me.
A monument to all that is and will ever be.
I've been haunted by your street to your front porch
by the place we would sit everyday.
By your yard covered in leaves,
by your hair blowing in a cool breeze.
I've been learning to let go.
I know it's been so long.
But on a clear night like this I swear I can still hear your song.
Singing on and on forever.
Let my words drown you out.
We exist together...
Two corpses in the same grave.
Track Name: Breathless
I stand here breathless.
I know enough about being taken advantage of.
I know enough know about how you manipulate the minds
of everyone around you in believing as you do.
I know enough about you.
I can't speak, it's so much easier to scream
when it hurts this much to breath.
A life that should have been guaranteed after what I've seen
it don't mean that much to me.
We all walk this path of life we all choose where it is we stand
but I refuse to follow a man with such a stagnate mind
and a careless hand.
Can I make this life my own
while being force fed is all I've known?
Can I make this life my own
while being force fed is all I've know.
All I've ever known...
and I'm ready to let go.
I've felt this way for far too long.
Like I'm dying from the inside out.
We've grown so content with the ways of the world
that we lost sense of our own state of mind.
Only focusing on a future we've been taught
believe every word never questioning if it's a lie.
And upon your throne sitting on the corpses of a thousands dead men
etching your name in stone while time forgets the names of all of them.
You can quench your thirst with another mans blood
but you can never steal what he's spilt that blood to earn.
You will never steal what I've earned.
You can never steal what I've earned.
Track Name: Surviving
Have you ever looked at another and felt their greatness.
That person who shows no fear, who has no weakness.
They've seen life an conquered it all the same.
Holding a resilience that they'll take with them to the grave.
Weither it's looking despair dead in it's eyes
or giving a stranger another chance at life.
These are the one's that have seen it all, they've seen it all.
Weathering this world just like a stone wall.
As time slowly wraps it's hands around your neck
you embrace them and know that you tried your best.
How could I live up to your legacy while drowning in my misery?
I'm reminded of what you taught to me.
No matter what's been taken from me.
No matter what ever I see.
This is the reality.
All things must pass.
Now watch me wash away every ounce of insecurity.
This is all I have, this is the truth.
I suffer for you.
I've loved with ever inch of me,
I've seen things I never thought I'd see.
and now things appear in a way.
I don't know if I'll ever be the same.
Now I see the reality it's time to face,
Regrets are my only anchor to this place.
I've sunk so deep.
But it's all on me.
I've lived to long side by side with my hate
but now i've found my way out.
And now all I ever want is to be looked at in the light.
The light I see with my own eyes to be free
to love the world around me.
I'll leave my fear behind.
And bring this dead heart back to life.
I know it's been so long and so much has changed.
But your words still echo through time.
A weathered frame with a light inside.
In this life we have to suffer to survive.