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Have you ever looked at another and felt their greatness.
That person who shows no fear, who has no weakness.
They've seen life an conquered it all the same.
Holding a resilience that they'll take with them to the grave.
Weither it's looking despair dead in it's eyes
or giving a stranger another chance at life.
These are the one's that have seen it all, they've seen it all.
Weathering this world just like a stone wall.
As time slowly wraps it's hands around your neck
you embrace them and know that you tried your best.
How could I live up to your legacy while drowning in my misery?
I'm reminded of what you taught to me.
No matter what's been taken from me.
No matter what ever I see.
This is the reality.
All things must pass.
Now watch me wash away every ounce of insecurity.
This is all I have, this is the truth.
I suffer for you.
I've loved with ever inch of me,
I've seen things I never thought I'd see.
and now things appear in a way.
I don't know if I'll ever be the same.
Now I see the reality it's time to face,
Regrets are my only anchor to this place.
I've sunk so deep.
But it's all on me.
I've lived to long side by side with my hate
but now i've found my way out.
And now all I ever want is to be looked at in the light.
The light I see with my own eyes to be free
to love the world around me.
I'll leave my fear behind.
And bring this dead heart back to life.
I know it's been so long and so much has changed.
But your words still echo through time.
A weathered frame with a light inside.
In this life we have to suffer to survive.


from Suffer Through, released November 8, 2013



all rights reserved


Distances Frederick, Maryland

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