Throat of the World

by Distances

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released May 10, 2013

All songs written and performed by:
Connor Bowen
Lance Donati
Matt Full
Adam Meadors
Sam Romesburg

Recorded by:
Lance Donati
Michael Bridgett

Mixed and mastered by:
Michael Bridgett

Distances is:
Adam Meadors - Vocals
Connor Bowen - Bass & Vocals
Sam Romesburg - Guitar & Vocals
Matt Full - Drums



all rights reserved


Distances Frederick, Maryland

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Track Name: Don't Cross the Beams
I'll give you the best advice I've ever received
Where ever you go in life just be happy
It's taken me years to understand how
Life will never be the same then it is right now

Do the wise know their own wisdom?
Where do you turn when your whole life is in question?

You say that you're wise and you have grown
But you're as free as the horses on station road
With stone walls, pastures green and lush
You hide your flaws behind meaningless love
You talk like you've crossed valleys and mountains
But in reality your experience is lacking
Your feet are fresh and so are mine
Your wisdom is just a waste of my time

There are bigger things than you and I
There are better ways to waste your time
Then feeling sorry for yourself
Stand up for your own self worth
But instead you choose to run

And now you're slowing down, you're giving up, you're settling
Forget the goals that you were bound
You're giving up, you're settling

And you think you're right, you think you're happy
But this is all wrong, you're so young

Believe, believe me
Track Name: Dead Gods Went to Denny's
I wont let the greed take a hold of me
I have one weakness and it's suffering
Dying the slow death caused by the industry
I have a future, it's bright and shining

This world can take away everything you have so easily
Sometimes the pressure to succeed, it gets to me
I watch my friends go down one by one
Ingited by the flames of one-thousand suns
But I know, I wont burn out

Profits and schemes
They mean nothing to me
and will never be my priority

I listened to my father regret the years that he spent living in fear
of being down and broken
My frustration is finally spoken

Happiness is the key
and you're the lock, the lock that's holding me
Track Name: Exit 49
Growing up in a town so small I always believed
That getting out would be my first priority
Between these valley walls I know is where I belong
and I've found comfort knowing they'll be here long after we're gone

I've found the key to succeed
Will always be stability

I need to deal with this feeling
before it gets to me
If you need to find me I'll be on the streets downtown
Walking around
Going no where

One day I wont mean a thing in your eyes
So lets not waste our time

We're not wasting time

I've grown tired of hearing the stories told
From the ones trying to get out and grow old
But never taking the chances to figure out
What life is all about
What you take for granted the most
Is everyone that hold you close
Track Name: Flesh Pound
I refuse to take a knee and
I refuse to serve
Those who silence the voices that should be heard
Because fake instruments fall short of the real ones and
Ticket sales should hold no importances
But you've missed the point this time

Take a look at yourself
And no one else

This isn't a "scene"
Or a family
You are my enemy
Track Name: Fever Dreams
We lived in a dream
Welcome to reality
Forever awake in a dream
Track Name: Forget
For the first time I've lost track of what I've kept so proudly in line
I'm slowly dying inside
It's a question of wrong or right
A clash of want and need
But your face is the only thing that I see

You know where I'll be
The city that holds the key
I'll take this life in strides
and always fear my pride

Do you know how it feels to have you heart ripped out of your chest?
Because you're not the best
I let down everyone that made me who I am
I hope that you can understand

Why it's come to this
Everything such a mess
I know that some day
The struggle will be worth the pain

I'll stand here and pour my heart out one last time
But still no one will understand why
So I'll keep searching deep inside until I find
What's really mine

It's too common now to be open minded and left empty handed
To carry the weight of another be left stranded
You have to learn to be strong enough to support yourself
and not fall down to your knees
Because with out a doubt your morals will be thrown on the ground
and everyone steps on what you fucking believe

It's all a matter of what you choose
and in the end you always lose

I will never give up
I will never give in
I will never give up
I will never give in
Track Name: Nice Guy Johnny
I close my eyes and come to realize
That there was nothing that I could ever do
To stop these changes from happening
Right in front of me
But it all seems so suddenly

Cause when everyone you know
Is no longer the person that you knew
Some dreams just never come true
and I always said I'd never stay
But here I am today

I took a chance and tried to live my life by the book
But in the end none of the lines ever stuck
Now I've to much time to thing about this
and now i'm retracing my foot steps

All the days that I'll never get back
and all the things that I'll never get to say
I've never been prouder of who I am today
But these regrets
They're weighing down on me

Spent the rest of the day walking through cemeteries
Wondering if anyone has ever felt like me
I've learned that sometimes it's not easy being happy
But feeling this way is never fucking worth it
Track Name: Snakehead
This is the last time
That I'll sell my self short
Because there's still so much left to learn
As long as this heart still beats inside
I'll always keep this fire alive
Never let it die

You will pay the price before the end
Will you answer the call?
It's coming soon
For all the hate that you have sent
Who are they?
and what have they been through
Pride has plagued us like a disease
All we really have
Is only second best
When all we need is sympathy

Say what you want, say what you will
At the end of the day it wont mean a thing
Say what you want, say what you will
On your words you will choke, down the throat of the world
Track Name: If Anything Was Better
I lost faith sometime ago
I buried away my hopes of becoming the golden son
But at least I am content and will die with no thought
Left unsaid

I promise you I wont be nothing

I've been told "life is long" so why grow up so young
Just to disregard all responsibility
I promise I wont be nothing
I'll hold on tightly to these values
That I've slowly grown into
Do you remember the basement days?
When those few songs meant everything
Three years have gone so fast
We knew it would never last
Lets take it back

But we can't go back
That night when the sound died, I couldn't tell you even if I tried
A part of me was carried away
All I identified with was crushed by the weight
and then forgotten and replaced for a heartless and selfish space
Go on with your sick jokes
That place was my fucking home

So hold on to your pretentious sound
Vanity will only
Vanity will only bring you down
Track Name: Luke Had Two Sunsets
Driving by the place that we first met
Made me realize how much that we forget
When you spend a year moving way too fast
Nothing good ever seems to last
So I'll stop lying to myself

I'll pick up my feet
I've always been on solid ground
Seeing the places where we used to go to shows
We all know how that story goes
We put everything into making it work
But in the end it always hurts
It always hurts

Sometimes at night I lay listening to land side wondering
If you ever think about
All those nights we drove around
With the windows down and the cool breeze
Underneath the red and orange half covered trees
Always around this time of year I look out into the valley
and think how we were happy
and I know that you dismiss anyone who tries to be
Apart of your life
I just want you to know
I always tried

At times I wish I wasn't so sentimental
But at the end of the day I'll out into the sunset
With no fucking regrets
Track Name: There's a Time and Place
I've been thinking about it a lot lately
Around this time next year maybe
You'll be on your way home and I'll be here waiting up for you
I've spend the best and worst years of my life
Full of regret and resent wasting away my lifes
Golden days

With your two faces staring back at me
I don't know which one to believe is the real you
But I hope someday that we'll lift this curse
But tonight this cold is an obstacle that I face alone

Things change so fast
One day you're here the next you're in the past
With every bump in the road adds a little more to the crack
In the glass the growing divide between the two of us

I have nothing left inside
Nothing left to keep this alive
But I wont run I'll keep holding on

That there's something left for me to stay
I'll be grateful for ever day
That I wont always have to run
That one day you'll see I'm not the one

Because we made it this far on our own