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I stand here breathless.
I know enough about being taken advantage of.
I know enough know about how you manipulate the minds
of everyone around you in believing as you do.
I know enough about you.
I can't speak, it's so much easier to scream
when it hurts this much to breath.
A life that should have been guaranteed after what I've seen
it don't mean that much to me.
We all walk this path of life we all choose where it is we stand
but I refuse to follow a man with such a stagnate mind
and a careless hand.
Can I make this life my own
while being force fed is all I've known?
Can I make this life my own
while being force fed is all I've know.
All I've ever known...
and I'm ready to let go.
I've felt this way for far too long.
Like I'm dying from the inside out.
We've grown so content with the ways of the world
that we lost sense of our own state of mind.
Only focusing on a future we've been taught
believe every word never questioning if it's a lie.
And upon your throne sitting on the corpses of a thousands dead men
etching your name in stone while time forgets the names of all of them.
You can quench your thirst with another mans blood
but you can never steal what he's spilt that blood to earn.
You will never steal what I've earned.
You can never steal what I've earned.


from Suffer Through, released November 8, 2013



all rights reserved


Distances Frederick, Maryland

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